27 Sep 2018

The new iOS landed last week, but why is it so hard to pin down what we love about iOS 12?

20 Sep 2018

With Apple now requiring that we add privacy policies to our apps, we discuss how we might navigate this as indie developers, and unwrap our thoughts on privacy in the new age of GDPR.

15 Sep 2018

The new iPhones have landed, but did the Watch steal the show? We discuss the new devices and what they mean to us as both users and developers.

30 Aug 2018

It was nearly a year ago that we were last discussing app architectures. A year on, and (hopefully) a year wiser, what more do we have to say about them...

16 Aug 2018

This week, we catch up with how Dave Nott has gotten on with his unveiling of "Project Synapse" and discuss how to manage having multiple app ideas.