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16 May 2019

Dave Wood gets an app store rejection, and Dave Nott has been busy shaping (and reshaping) the design of his news reader app that's in the works.

9 May 2019

Dave Wood has finished development on his new app AirSynth. We discuss the finishing touches needed to send it to the App Store.

2 May 2019

Email vs Slack and yet more rumoured delays for Intels 10 nanometer CPUs. If it's to be believed, we could be in for many more "lakes" before we get a 10nm MacBook Pro.

25 Apr 2019

Dave Wood has a new Mac Mini, and we've had a boat load of leaks. Rumours abound for the upcoming releases of iOS 13 and macOS 10.15. Something tells us WWDC is going to be quite something this year.

18 Apr 2019

A coffee related dilemma with an Aeropress, and we discuss potential upgrade options with the Mac options available today with respect to the right choice for development at home

4 Apr 2019

A little later than planned (thanks to the Apple event last week) we dig into the new hardware announcments that came the week before the event. New iPads, iMacs and Airpods, and a lack of Air Power.

28 Mar 2019

Apple's March 25th event announced new services for TV, finance and games. What do these mean for two iOS devs who like to discuss all things Apple?

21 Mar 2019

Dave Nott gives his first impressions of the second generation Amazon Echo Plus, and of course we talk about Apple vs Spotify!