31 Jan 2019

Dave Nott is itching after spending the day insulating his loft, and we discuss how his workspace is up for reconsideration after a change in circumstances.

24 Jan 2019

We discuss how we're both having to take an incremental approach to our indie development right now, doing little by little when time allows.

17 Jan 2019

We are super lucky this week to be joined by Shawn King from the podcast Your Mac Life. Shawn started podcasting about Apple nearly 25 years ago, before the word podcast was even a thing.

3 Jan 2019

We catch up just after our respective Christmases, to talk about Siri and smart speakers before getting into Dave Nott's plans for the future with his "Project Readlyst".

13 Dec 2018

This week we have a special episode to celebrate our hitting the big 100!

13 Dec 2018

This week we discuss Dave Nott's app-in-development, ReadLyst and catch up with where he's at in his development process.

29 Nov 2018

This week we discuss our experiences with burnout. What causes it, how we deal with it, and how we escape it.

22 Nov 2018

Times are changing for Dave Nott, so this week we take a look at what that means for his "indie life" and how we can deal with the practicalities of balancing our indie projects around a day job and various other commitments.


15 Nov 2018

Dave Nott nearly gets scammed selling things online, Dave Wood invents a new use for his iPad and Dave Nott went to the Apple Store