20 Apr 2017

Working for other people, starting a web consultancy, and shifting gears on indie projects, it's hard work right now for Dave Wood and Dave Nott...

A weekly podcast that follows the journeys of two iOS developers

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Show Notes

Dave Wood starts working at http://swipeandtap.co.uk whilst continuing his job-hunt in New Zealand, and really loves it. Meanwhile, Dave Nott is doing the literal leg-work needed get his web consultancy off to the best start.

It can’t all be Xcode and fighting with iTunes Connect… and somehow we still find time to talk some more about the new Mac Pro.

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Dave Wood can be found on twitter at: @dwroboheadz (https://twitter.com/dwroboheadz/), and his apps at http://govj.tech and http://roboheadz.com

Dave Nott is @_davenott (https://twitter.com/_davenott), and his web development company is at https://root-digital.com

You can find our podcast’s twitter account at @wfrpodcast (https://twitter.com/wfrpodcast)