13 Dec 2018

This week we have a special episode to celebrate our hitting the big 100!

13 Dec 2018

This week we discuss Dave Nott's app-in-development, ReadLyst and catch up with where he's at in his development process.

29 Nov 2018

This week we discuss our experiences with burnout. What causes it, how we deal with it, and how we escape it.

22 Nov 2018

Times are changing for Dave Nott, so this week we take a look at what that means for his "indie life" and how we can deal with the practicalities of balancing our indie projects around a day job and various other commitments.


15 Nov 2018

Dave Nott nearly gets scammed selling things online, Dave Wood invents a new use for his iPad and Dave Nott went to the Apple Store

1 Nov 2018

We discuss the newly announced MacBook Air and Mac Mini. Fear not, we'll be discussing the new iPad Pros next week along with any extra details that emerge from the event over the coming week.

25 Oct 2018

Dave Nott falls down the rabbit hole of smart lighting and of course, we discuss the upcoming October Apple event that both of us might not get to watch live!

11 Oct 2018

Dave Wood ponders a mic boom arm, both of us are on the fence about dark mode and we discuss the "Marzipan apps" within macOS Mojave.