14 Mar 2019

We discuss what to expect from the Apple event on the 25th March, and ask is there room for yet another video subscription service this late on in the game?

28 Feb 2019

With a strong rumor of larger Macbook Pro's on the horizon, and the potential of Apple getting back into monitors, we unpack some of the possibilities this could mean and the implications for the devices, apps, and the mac platform as a whole.

14 Feb 2019

David Wood has a new show, a short micro-cast called Iterate, to chronicle his indie app development. We get into what that’s all about, and how he started it off.

31 Jan 2019

Dave Nott is itching after spending the day insulating his loft, and we discuss how his workspace is up for reconsideration after a change in circumstances.

24 Jan 2019

We discuss how we're both having to take an incremental approach to our indie development right now, doing little by little when time allows.

17 Jan 2019

We are super lucky this week to be joined by Shawn King from the podcast Your Mac Life. Shawn started podcasting about Apple nearly 25 years ago, before the word podcast was even a thing.

3 Jan 2019

We catch up just after our respective Christmases, to talk about Siri and smart speakers before getting into Dave Nott's plans for the future with his "Project Readlyst".